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Real Time GPS Tracking

Real time GPS Tracker is a device which is helpful in finding the lost things with their real time location. Real time GPS tracker can be used in any vehicle, Locomotive, and Aircraft. Real time GPS tracker can be used for navigation purpose also. Real time GPS tracker was not only use for navigation purpose it was also used for many other purpose like tracking the business and consumers, keeping an eye on the small children by upgrading the tracker in India. Real time GPS tracker can keep the things from missing and monitor them all the time. The tracker system in India consists of GPS module which collects the data from the Tracker device and sends to the user device in the form of microwaves. The most common usable technology in now a day are Global Positioning technology and wireless communication technology. It works on the principle of mobile communication technology. The tracker device mainly consists of 2 parts GPS Navigation System and GPS Tracking System. The navigation system needs a display to give the information about the position of user device. It is connected to the google maps or any other mapping software.

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The tracking device in India are very small devices it can be connected to any mobile communication device and sends the location in the form of SMS or Email or it will send to the mapping software. Our position is processed by the microcontroller it connected to any communication device to send the information about the location to the observer phone. Generally, the tracking device has four parts they are GPS module, Level Converter, Mobile connector and a communication device. The tracker system is connected to the GPS and the Communication device to receive the coordinate’s information. The level convertor converts the Voltage level TTL level to CMOS level. After that the Communication device receives the information and gives to the user device.

The user will know the location with the help of mapping software’s. They are two main software’s used in the Tracker in India are BSGPS this software’s this software’s and user friendly and have the ability to detect to GPS module by scanning the mobile devices. The exact position will be obtained. The second program is Sirf (DEMO) this program has additional feature like GPS radar. After connecting the entire setup to the communication device, GPS Tracker will start receiving the data from the user device and location will be shown in very short time, sometimes it may get delayed due to the signal interference between the satellites and other devices.

Now second part of the tracking device is GPS module device. The GPS module receives the data from the GPS satellites the module calculates the exact location in the form of NMEA data the output will receive by the MCU and it will send the location coordinates in the form of SMS or Email alerts. The location details will be in the form of longitudes and latitudes. The tracking system is very precious in now a day it was very useful in our daily life operation there is no such mobile device in India without a tracker in it. India we can find many applications some of them will discuss below. Fitness Tracker is used to calculate our body fat. Rate of heart beat and number of calories are burned. It is fitted to the band we can wear it like a watch.

At the time of fitness, it will help us to track our fitness levels like percentage of calories and number of steps counting etc. we can connect this tracking to directly our smart phones which we can save the data. If we cause any emergency situation it will call the ambulance or we can make a call though the fitness band. In defense services the tracking devices are well used to track soldiers, navy ships or Aircrafts. In Indian defense Services trackers are used to track the soldiers every GPS device is fitted with each suite so that they can identify the movements and give orders to take necessary actions. In business services the tracker is used to find the rate of business and obtain proper statics accordingly. Simply if have a manufacturing company by using the tracking system we can find out the number of products manufactured and what amount of raw material used. Over all GPS Tracker is a useful device which can track or monitor anywhere anytime with Real time GPS tracker, user can get real time location in all-weather condition.

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