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Global positioning system (GPS) it is used to locate our location anywhere on the planet in simple words it’s a tracking device. There will be three segments in the GPS system. The first one is the Space Segment, the user segment, and the last one is control segment. The Space Segment is nothing but the satellites that revolve around the earth in an orbit. While the control segment are the stations present on the earth which will send and receive the data from the satellites. The user segment is the GPS unit which is present in our hands. Now we will see the working of GPS Unit. When you turn on the GPS unit your device will send you the microwaves up to the space that will receive by the satellites. From the satellites it will receive by the stations present on the other location in simple words. Imagine that you are searching for your lost car which has GPS unit fixed in it. Here the space segment is satellite revolves around the earth. Here the control segment is device which shows or monitors the location of your car.

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The user segment is the GPS unit present inside the car. Now when your GPS unit is ON the unit will send the signals to the satellites. The satellites will receive the signals and they send to the control segment that wait for the same frequency send by your GPS unit. When the bounced signals match together we will get the location of your GPS unit. Sometimes the GPS signal will be weak this is due to the lack of satellites that will receive your signals and bounce them back to the control stations. In that situations you need to get higher position so that your signal will be grabbed easily. Each GPS unit has its own matching signals or frequency. Which can easily identify your location. The invention of GPS was beginning in the early 1973 and invented by Ivan. A. Getting and Roger. L. Easton for the United States Defense services to find their lost ships or flights.

Before GPS the defense services are facing problems in finding their lost vessels and jets. Sometimes in this search operations they have caught by the enemy’s. They have come up with a solution after lot of experiments. They have decided to take the help of satellites by connecting it to a GPS device. Form there they have inserted and GPS unit along with the Radar. The radar is the device which will scan some limited perimeter around by sending some radio signals. When it’s hit by the any device or unit. The signals will bounce back to your radar unit. The working of radar is equals to the sonar unit which are used in early 70’s and 80’s. While coming to the GPS it will send the signals to the outer space to the satellites and send it to the ground unit. By this you can know the exact position. Firstly, the usage of GPS is permitted to the only for defense services only. On later it was permitted to the civilian use and after lot of upgradation in 1995 it has become fully operational. The GPS has taken lot of transformation in sizes like from large box to the small chip devices used in nowadays. In India GPS tracking was introduced in 90’s only for the defense services, later after with the growth of technology the GPS has introduced to the several products in India. When it was first introduced to the Civilian usage it was first introduced in the mobile phones to track lost mobile phones or criminal.

Now a day’s mobile phone has become common thing in our daily life. If you want track a person we can track him with help of mobile through GPS. You believe or not most of the police cases in India are went successful with the help of GPS only. The usage of GPS is not limited to only for single application only. We can use it in lot of various application like Cars, Watches, laptops, and personal Computers, Trucks, Bicycles, Aero planes and Ships. Even the human being can use the GPS tracking device. Let me tell you how? When you are going on the adventures trip in forests or ocean. There is chance of getting lost in the middle of Forest or Ocean. There is someone on the other side looking for you. If you can carry a GPS unit and it’s on the person can easily locate your location come to help you. In India there are lot of forest and mountains around 3 million lost people are found through GPS signal every year.

India has Himalayan mountain rage which is largest in the world. Every year around 5 million mountaineers are trekking to the various mountains ranges of Himalayas. In that around 1 million people are lost in early years. Now with the help of Tracking GPS unit which is inserted in to their suit. Many of them are getting rescued. Now a day the GPS unit has become more advantageous that it was linked to the mapping system. With that we can find our location and also, we can find our own route to the destination. For example, if we open google maps app in our mobile we can see not only our location but also, we can find the easiest way to our destinations. In simple words we can find our Position and also find the way to the home.

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