FAQ- GPS Tracker

Secure your fleet and monitor real time with our Digital GPS Tracker.

What is GPS?

Global positioning system (GPS) it is used to locate our location anywhere on the planet in simple words it’s a tracking device.

What is GSM tracking and how it is related to GPS tracking?

GSM tracking system is a global system for mobile communication (GSM) system. In GSM tracking, GSM tracker utilizes either the Global System for Mobile Communications or the Global Positioning System satellites for determine precise location of the fleet, vehicles or any object.

What is personal tracker?

Personal tracker is the component of a GPS system for the one who wants to know the location of another person, object or thing by using a device that receives information from the GPS satellite network.

What is MIS?

The term MIS means or stands for management information system.

How effective is GPS tracker is in vehicle?

GPS tracker is a product which works on principles of GSM/GPRS and Global Satellite positioning system. With the help of GPS tracker you can track or monitor your vehicle anytime anywhere in all-weather condition.

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Digital GPS Tracker is a vanture providing GPS Trackers to their customers for live tracking any object.

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