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Global positioning system was invented in the year 1973 by scientists Ivan. A. Getting, Bradford Parkinson, and Roger. L. Easton for United States Defense Services to find the lost aircraft or ships. Thereafter in 1995 it was bought to use by the civilians for various application. GPS tracker can be used as various purposes like commercial tracker and also in different devices like Mobile phones, Laptops, Watches, Automobiles, Locomotives, and in Aircrafts. It was not used for single purpose it is also used for showing the route with proper direction. Suppose your vehicle is lost and you have no idea where it has taken all you need to do is go to the local police department and report a complaint they will track your vehicle using GPS signal and find out the exact location. We can track the vehicle which is present anywhere on the earth.

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Sometimes you may experience the weak signal this is due to the receiving of signal from the satellite or lack of availability of satellite in your area. Coming to the working of GPS device it works with help of Global Position Navigation Satellite System this system incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to the GPS device that give information on Vehicle location, Vehicle Speed, time and Direction. GPS tracking system gives real time and historical navigation data on any kind of journey. Let’s see the parts of GPS tracking system it consists of GPS receiver which is used to which gets location information from the satellites and Microcontroller will process those data and sent through GSM modem. A LCD Display shows various information during the execution of the program. We can add Vibrator sensor and Carbon sensor can add as additional features and finally it comes to 5volts power supply.

Power supply can be supplied in various methods. Then coming to the circuit diagram microcontroller is running at 16 MHz which connected to the 5 volts power supply, vibration sensor is used to detect any barrier or accident which is connected to the microcontroller pin. Carbon sensor is used to detect the carbon monoxide emitted from the vehicle is connected to the analog channel LCD display is used to display the various operations executed GPS modem is used to send signals to the receiver. GPS receiver is used to receive the signals from the satellites and other equipment’s. Indicator is used to give the alerts for the vehicle in case of any leak or any obstruction. The usage of power supply in vehicle tracking is more volt’s battery which can be regulates to its required power output. Every vehicle tracker needs a program to produce its 100% functionality. The program for a vehicle tracker is written by some expert which include key points like vehicle tracking, vehicle speed, vehicle location and carbon emission from the vehicle and some indications regarding the obstructions and fuel leaks etc. now the entire setup is connected according to the circuit diagram discussed below.

Now there is another facility that we can track our vehicle through real time tracking from our mobile phones. We can get live location of our vehicle. There is another advantage with the vehicle tracker is we can control our vehicle through our Smart phones with help of apps. Let me explain you clearly there is a special feature in vehicle tracking is that with help of accusers and programming software we can on/off our vehicle in case of emergency. If your power on your vehicle tracking device we can the present location. Sometimes thief try to steal your vehicle by using the duplicate key in that case the vehicle tracking system activates and send alert to mobile phones as well as an alarm will be ringing to alert the nearby people. Vehicle tracking system also provides the historical data of vehicle travel. In most of the police cases the common thing we found is finding of unknown vehicle with help of Vehicle Tracking we can get the travel data and location to which the vehicle travelled area clearly by that we easily catch the criminals and solve the cases.

Commercial tracker is very useful devices as the vehicle tracking system is not permitted to one vehicle only it can be used in various automobiles, locomotives and commercial aircraft. It not only helps to track the vehicle but also useful to show the directions and for navigation purpose. If you are travelling in unknown road with the help of vehicle tracking system we can get the easiest route to our destinations. As the technology grows there is a lot of upgradation has taken place in vehicle tracking equipment’s. Now they are directly connected to mapping systems which shows the junctions, geographical locations and important places like restaurants, hospitals and rest zones which will help mostly in long drives. The most common use of commercial tracker cab services, logistics vehicles, commercial planes etc. If we book a cab we can get the live location of the cab and travelling speed with estimated time of travel. In large vehicles like trucks and container traveler we can track the vehicle with exact location and estimated time. In 2009 half of the city buses in America are equipped with vehicle tracking system which will give automatic announcement when the stop arrived.

By now that count will be 100%. Such type of system provides the real time information so that waiting time will be reduced. Vehicle tracking system is an integral part of the vehicle protection which is recommended by the major insurance companies and federal agents. Hospitality industry as caught using the vehicle tracking system in their shuttle services to ensure that they properly receive their customers in time. Vehicle tracking system are used in food delivery containers to ensure to maintain the proper temperature in food travelling and gives the alert when food temperature goes out of range. Major car rental services also use the vehicle tracking system in their rental cars to keep an eye on the vehicle. In today’s automation world there are many unmanned vehicles are being used on roads and industry to equipment one place to another place it was installed with vehicle tracking system which monitors every action.

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